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How to treat scoliosis

Research suggest that early intervention with more active non-surgical treatments can play an important role in treating scoliosis. However there is no one size fits all solution. Find out about our treatments here.

Innovative technology with BraceScan

Bracing has been used as an early intervention treatment for scoliosis for decades. There are many types of scoliosis braces ranging from soft dynamic braces, to rigid over-corrective braces. ScoliCare use 3D Scanning technology to produce completely custom spinal braces. This innovative technology is at your fingertips.

How to detect scoliosis

There are a number of ‘warning signs’ to look for to indicate that perhaps you or someone you know has scoliosis. Use our guide here as an initial check. If you notice any one or more of these signs, you should consult a trained Scoliosis Clinician for a full assessment.

Find your nearest clinic

ScoliCare Clinics, affiliates and product providers are in over 200 locations around the world. Find your nearest ScoliCare location here.


The latest updates and news from ScoliCare

12 January 2022

5 Facts About Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis

By Rosemary Marchese, Physiotherapist  Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis (JIS) needs careful attention and it is so important that these children are not ‘missed’. With much of the attention in the literature often falling to the adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) group, it is vital to remember that children under 10 years old…

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12 January 2022

Postural Habits of Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis

By Rosemary Marchese, Physiotherapist  What happens in clinical practice?  What are the typical postural habits of adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)? And, are there any that are actually ‘typical’ at all? While it’s imperative we always look at the data and science, sometimes we have to remember that we are…

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12 January 2022

Research Review: SOSORT Guidelines Go Beyond the Cobb Angle

By Rosemary Marchese, Physiotherapist  This month we have decided to do something a little different and explore the 2016 SOSORT Guidelines for the treatment of adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis (Negrini et al, 2018). Instead of a typical review, we are pleased to share with you this important presentation on how…

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14 December 2021

Empower Parents of Adolescents to Look Out for Scoliosis in Summer!

By Rosemary Marchese Scoliosis in adolescents can easily ‘creep up’ on parents and teens. Summer may be the first time parents notice a change in the posture of their children with scoliosis. Or perhaps the adolescent themselves start to notice that clothes are not fitting well. For example: Swimmers are…

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