Scoliosis Support Groups

While most families and friends are well placed to provide emotional support to someone with scoliosis, sometimes patients will need to talk to someone who is going through something similar.

Around the world there are a number of peer led support groups already established. While there are not a lot of groups in Australia, one well know group which has chapters in various locations worldwide, is Curvy Girls.

Curvy Girls

Curvy Girls is a support group for girls with scoliosis. The aim of the group is to support those with scoliosis and their family, and encourage interaction between members on shared topic of interests and daily challenges.

With chapters all over the world, the Sydney chapter has recently been established. ScoliCare recently met with Gemma Campion to understand a bit more about Curvy Girls. We also donated to her upcoming trip to the USA to meet with the USA chapters of the group.

If you’re interested in learning more about Curvy Girls Sydney or would like to attend a meeting, get in touch with Alexi–

Information about other state chapters of Curvy Girls can be found here:

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