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Scoliosis Treatment available in Denver Colorado

Scoliosis is a progressive, lateral curvature of the spine. When viewed from the side, the spine should have curves. When viewed from the front, the spine should be straight. Scoliosis can affect both children and adults. There are treatments available for you which all start with an assessment.

Introducing ScoliCare Denver Colorado

At ScoliCare Denver Colorado, our team of healthcare professionals offer world leading non-surgical, evidence-based guidance and treatment options to patients with scoliosis and hyperkyphosis. Our clinic is committed to serving patients with these conditions and supporting their families. We aim to enhance your, or your child’s, quality of life without resorting to surgery whenever feasible.

We will begin with a thorough scoliosis assessment and two-way discussion with our head clinician, Dr. Chris Gubbels (D.C.). Dr. Gubbels will then develop an individual scoliosis and hyperkyphosis treatment plan for you, or your child. The treatment options suggested will depend on many factors such as age, the severity of the curve and current symptoms. Possible treatments could include recommendations for bracing (ScoliBrace®), specific exercise rehabilitation (ScoliBalance®), or surgery if that is in the patient’s best interest.

In addition to having dedicated scoliosis clinics around the world, ScoliCare is also the manufacturer of the world-renowned ScoliBrace® for scoliosis and KyphoBrace™ for hyperkyphosis, both proudly made in the USA. Additionally, we developed ScoliBalance®, our personalized physiotherapeutic scoliosis-specific exercise program (PSSE), tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Are you a health professional?

The clinical team at ScoliCare works closely with other health professionals to provide advice, support, and co-management of scoliosis and hyperkyphosis cases. Our aim is to help patients achieve their best treatment outcomes through a collaborative team approach. Our professional case review service is free of charge so healthcare providers can access the experience and knowledge of the ScoliCare team at any time.

Are you a patient or parent?

If you have any questions about scoliosis or hyperkyphosis or what treatment options are suitable for you or your loved one, please contact us.

You are welcome to book an appointment or see our case studies and faq section for more information.

Patient Results with the ScoliCare Treatment Approach

Thank you to these patients for allowing us to share their treatment success stories.


After a thorough assessment at our scoliosis clinic in Denver Colorado, we can tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs. We currently offer:


  • ScoliBrace® – This is a non-surgical, evidence-based scoliosis bracing treatment system for children to adults. It combines treatment knowledge from experienced clinicians with the latest technology in 3D scanning, computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD-CAM) to create a truly custom 3D scoliosis brace.
  • KyphoBrace™ – This brace is specifically for adults or adolescents with Scheuermann’s kyphosis and hyperkyphosis. Made with getting the best treatment results in mind, each KyphoBrace is a 3D custom-designed corrective brace made with the latest technology.

Our braces come in a range of colors and patterns.

  • Exercise and Rehabilitation – Our clinicians receive extensive training in ScoliBalance®, our physiotherapeutic scoliosis-specific exercise (PSSE) program. Each patient receives an individualized specific exercise program, tailored to them according to their curve type, symptoms and treatment goals.
  • Surgery – If bracing and rehabilitation are not appropriate, our scoliosis clinic in Denver can also recommend surgical options. We can support you with your pre and post-surgery treatment and rehabilitation.

We offer a highly qualified team of clinicians and rehabilitation therapists who work side by side with chiropractors, kinesiologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, primary care physicians, surgeons, exercise physiologists, and more to help tailor each patient’s journey to their specific needs. We also operate all over the world and have an extensive network of scoliosis and hyperkyphosis clinicians we collaborate with to help provide the best outcomes possible.

To start your treatment with our clinic, you can have your healthcare provider refer you to us or you can book in directly with us without a referral. You can also contact us and ask for a free X-ray review of your scoliosis or kyphosis films. Our team is ready to take a look at your films to help determine the best treatment plan for your situation. This could include bracing, rehabilitation and exercise, or surgical intervention.

If you’d like our certified and experienced clinicians to take a look at your hyperkyphosis or scoliosis films, contact us.

As leaders and worldwide educators in the scoliosis space, our team at ScoliCare in Denver Colorado is committed to offering exceptional care to every one of our patients. Always taking a patient-centred approach to our treatments, we strive to create personalized care plans addressing your specific scoliosis or hyperkyphosis needs.

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with scoliosis or have been living with the condition for years, our team believes that you deserve the best care and support possible. As one of the only non-surgical scoliosis clinics in Denver, our clinicians are trained to offer comprehensive scoliosis assessments, treatments and support throughout the entire duration of your treatment.

Offering treatment for babies, children, adolescents and adults, our clinic can act as an adjunct treatment option to chiropractors, orthotists and scoliosis physiotherapy in Denver. Our interdisciplinary team of scoliosis providers is ready to help you identify, diagnose and treat your scoliosis, no matter how mild or severe your symptoms may be.

Want to learn more about how our team at the ScoliCare Denver Colorado clinic offers world-class scoliosis treatment? Read through our case studies today to see how our bracing and scoliosis-specific exercises approach called ScoliBalance can improve your day-to-day experience of living with scoliosis or hyperkyphosis.

For additional information about our services or to book a consultation appointment at the Denver ScoliCare clinic, please feel free to contact our customer service team by giving us a call on 303 955 1919.

ScoliCare Denver Colorado clinic provides scoliosis treatment to patients throughout Colorado including those in Denver, Colorado Springs El Paso, Aurora Arapahoe, Lakewood Jefferson, Thornton Adams, Fort Collins Larimer and beyond. Many patients fly in from other states in the USA to visit our clinic.

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Book an appointment online at ScoliCare Denver