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Achieve optimal scoliosis and kyphosis bracing outcomes, with 3D scanned and designed custom scoliosis braces.

ScoliCare’s braces are designed individually for each patient with a corrective approach

Truly custom, 3D brace design 

The ScoliBrace system brings customised scoliosis and kyphosis braces to your clinic, so you can achieve better results for your patients, anywhere in the world.

Become a ScoliBrace provider and receive our proprietary software, Bracescan (3D patient scanning via iPad App), allowing you to quickly and easily take 3D scans of your patients, and order a truly custom brace to your clinic door with rapid turnaround times.

ScoliBrace Providers receive expert support and training via our on-line certification, hands-on assessments, and ongoing patient case guidance to ensure complete competency in the ScoliBrace system for optimal patient outcomes.

ScoliBrace is available to registered health and medical professionals worldwide.

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Getting Started

  1. Initial Training
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  3. 3D scanner and iPad Bracket
    We’ll ship you a 3D scanner and iPad bracket
  4. Certification & Assessment
    Complete our online certification course with full support

ScoliBrace – evidence based scoliosis and kyphosis bracing for children and adults!

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