At ScoliCare we offer a range of collaborative
opportunities to suit your desired education
and event outcomes.

Our education

We work with Associations and Industry Groups to give healthcare professionals the skills and knowledge to really help scoliosis patients. We can all work together to stay ahead of the curve.
Keynote presentations
Keynote presentations

Delivered at your event, tailored to a desired theme

 Workshops & seminars
Workshops & seminars

Scoliosis specific content including screening, diagnosis and red flags, best practice treatments and ongoing patient management.

Online training
Online training

Webinars with tailored content on a specific theme, and online training modules for member to learn at their own pace.

Reviews from our attendees

Our multi-national, highly educated team of Clinicians have extensive experience treating patients with scoliosis and kyphosis and educating the healthcare community. They get great feedback from attendees on their practical, evidence based sessions.

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