Scoliosis specific exercise

Tailor made for each patient, our specific scoliosis exercise programs are supported by the latest research.

Traditionally there has been the opinion that “exercise does not work for scoliosis”.

While this is true for general exercise, there are scoliosis specific exercise programs that are supported by published evidence and are regarded as effective when delivered by certified providers.

For example in a small adolescent idiopathic curve, where there is a family history of scoliosis, a specific scoliosis exercise program can be the most suitable treatment. Another example can be when a curve is non-progressive in late adolecents or middle age, it maybe be possible to help improve posture, manage pain and stabilise the spine with scoliosis specific rehabilitation.

Research has shown that when specialised scoliosis rehabilitation and exercise programs have been used in conjunction with bracing it has improved the results of scoliosis bracing. In these cases, the exercise programs may to help to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and keep the spine flexible during brace treatment and to help maintain the correction achieved with bracing.

It is important to understand that only specialised scoliosis rehabilitation and exercise programs that are specifically designed to treat scoliosis have been shown to be helpful. The team at ScoliCare clinics develop and teach patients these scoliosis exercise programs, custom made for each individual.

ScoliCare’s rehabilitative approach includes:

• Biomechanical classification for determining a patient’s required corrective exercises
• Exercises using over-correction / mirror image
• Mild traction using the ScoliRoll orthosis and Denneroll orthotics
• Active self-correction combined with functional exercises
• A combination of in-clinic sessions and reinforcement with the home program.

The goal of ScoliCare's scoliosis exercise programs is to teach each patients the set of exercises required to address their specific case. Patients learn these exercises in clinic, and repeat them at home for maximum effect.

Many smaller scoliosis curves can be managed successfully with scoliosis specific exercise alone.

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Get a free online scoliosis check with ScoliScreen