Interview with Scoliosis Rehabilitation Provider Jacob Powers

Jacob is a Scoliosis Rehabilitation Provider who looks after patients in our ScoliCare Sydney South Clinic.

  • What attracted you to your role at ScoliCare?

I was attracted to the role at ScoliCare because of my developing interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation coming out of my Master’s degree. I found that the role of a Scoliosis Rehabilitation Therapist at ScoliCare fit my goals and my skill set very well. I was immediately astounded by the very professional environment centred around patient care and the best outcomes for patients. The focus was totally about the patients being treated using industry-leading research and clinical application.


  • What have been some of the common challenges you have seen in patients with scoliosis?

The most common challenges I have seen with patients that have scoliosis is the frustration the condition can cause when left untreated over a period of time. In adults in particular, it is very upsetting to see the decrease in their ability to perform daily tasks due to altered posture, pain and other factors. Another common challenge I see is that some younger patients struggle to accept the diagnosis, especially if they have been prescribed a brace. We help them to juggle rehabilitation with school, sport and other activities.

  • Explain how you help patients to overcome these challenges.

At ScoliCare , we support patients using a variety of tools including tailored scoliosis specific exercise programs (ScoliBalance) to prevent or slow down progression of the curve, improve posture, reduce pain and improve self-esteem. We help them with lifestyle modifications as well addressing other concerns about their challenges. We totally encourage a healthy quality of life in a positive environment.

  • Why did you decide to work in the area of scoliosis?

I decided to work with patients with scoliosis due to my interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation as well as a family history of scoliosis. I have seen first-hand how the diagnosis can affect the patient. I believe with increased experience and education from ScoliCare, I will continue to apply my knowledge to help many more patients accept the diagnosis and learn to manage their condition and achieve their goals.

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Get a free online scoliosis check with ScoliScreen

Get a free online scoliosis check with ScoliScreen

Get a free online scoliosis check with ScoliScreen