Interview with Scoliosis Rehabilitation Provider Sarah Sinor

This month we introduce our ScoliCare Adelaide Rehabilitation Provider, Sarah Sinor. We spoke to Sarah about the intensive training pathway provided at ScoliCare and why she is so passionate about dedicating her career to scoliosis rehabilitation.

Describe the training and education involved in becoming a scoliosis Rehabilitation Provider at ScoliCare.

I arrived into the field of Scoliosis with little to no knowledge and experience in this field and so found myself both eager to learn but also admittedly nervous about being able to properly perform in my role as a scoliosis Rehabilitation Provider. ScoliCare provides a thorough onboarding training program of approximately three months. I feel this has been an essential part of my learning before even beginning to treat patients. Each week I felt more and more equipped to be able to treat our patients effectively. The training program involves online self-guided learning around the essentials of scoliosis, online and in-person practical learning around the specific rehabilitation provided by ScoliCare (ScoliBalance) and online and in-person observation of patient treatment for both Clinicians and Rehabilitation Providers. All training has been so well thought-out and supported by both clinical and administrative staff. I think it’s also worth mentioning the incredible culture at ScoliCare that has been a huge positive for me. 

Continuing to learn about Scoliosis. The more I learn, the more I realise how little scoliosis is covered in undergraduate degrees. I see it as a lifelong journey of learning and just continue to invest in my understanding of Scoliosis and putting this into practice with our patients.

What would you say to other exercise physiologists and other professions who are considering a change in speciality to scoliosis?

I would encourage them to do their research, complete a specialised course (ScoliBalance) and if it feels right then to commit yourself solely to this specialty. Like any field, there is a great deal of misinformation around treatment and prognosis of scoliosis but with the correct training and education it can be incredibly rewarding. Scoliosis treatment is such a specialised field that it would feel like an injustice to these patients to treat with a limited understanding of scoliosis rather than committing yourself to this field and applying the best possible evidence based practice available.

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