The Bracing

As you begin and move through your bracing journey you may have questions. We are here to help.

Taking the next step.

Starting brace treatment is an important milestone, and can take some time to adjust to in the beginning. If you or your child have been recommended a brace,  read on to find out about what to expect during the bracing journey with ScoliCare.

Brace Fitting

Each brace will be fitted at the patient’s brace fitting consultation, and clinicians will discuss the treatment management plan and make any necessary modifications to the brace for comfort or correction.

Two body socks, specially designed for use with the brace, will be provided to wear underneath.

You also will receive a dedicated brace bag with your brace.

Staying on track
Starting brace wear

Brace Wear

Starting Out

Patients are advised to gradually ease into brace wear by starting with 2 hours of wear on the first day. Then add 2 hours each day thereafter building up the time until you are wearing it for the total prescribed hours. It’s important for getting the best possible results that you aim for the maximum wear time prescribed.

If you’re a student, do not wear the brace at school for the first week after fitting. After 1 week, you can wear it to school but take regular breaks from sitting.

If it is recommended that you wear the brace full time, this will mean sleeping in the brace. This can be a little uncomfortable at first, but persevere and it will get easier.


Wear & Care

At the start of treatment, patients can have questions about various things relating to the brace.

This PDF provides an overview of brace wear and care, and how best to deal with any issues which may arise. Always feel free to contact us with any issues.

Brace Care

Staying on track

Staying on track for success

It is essential for the best possible results that you have regular follow-up appointments with your clinician. As a general guide, follow-up appointments for bracing occur after the initial brace fitting at 1 month, then 3 monthly after that for the duration of the bracing protocol.

Staying on Track for Success
Staying on track

Your clinical team will remind you of your exact schedule and advise when any additional X-rays will need to be taken throughout.

Each appointment is a good opportunity for you to speak to your clinician about any concerns or questions you may have.

Should you or your child have any concerns regarding the brace between these scheduled appointments though, we are available for support and are just a phone call away.

Staying Compliant

Staying Compliant

Good treatment outcomes are highly dependant on patient compliance, and making sure that you wear your brace for the time your clinician has recommended. If your brace has an iButton installed, this will help you keep track of  wear and you will be able to discuss this with your clincian.

As you go through this journey, remember you are not alone. Treatment will require your commitment, but we are here to help and support you.


Why choose ScoliCare?
Juvenile Scoliosis Specific rehabilitation

Bracing & ScoliBalance

Bracing & ScoliBalance

If you have also been prescribed a ScoliBalance rehabiliation program to do in conjunction with brace wear, then it’s important that you are also completing that program each day.

Your ScoliBalance program complements the brace well and should help improve your outcomes and long term goals. You can remove your brace when completing your rehabilitation program but ensure it is put back on after doing your exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brace Wear

Keeping your body moving is important.

It is okay to continue with most sporting/physical activities however, do not wear your brace during sports and do not undertake extreme activities while wearing the brace or wear your brace in water.

It’s best to check with your clinician about doing your normal sport/activity at your regular appointments.

If you have a trip planned, speak to your clinician about the best ways to remain compliant with your brace wear while enjoying your trip.

If flying, consider asking for a letter to minimise any issues wearing or carrying your brace through security and on the plane.

No, please remove the brace before swimming.

It will likely take you some time to get used to wearing your brace, however after a few weeks it should be much more comfortable to wear.

You will still be able to do most of the things you normally do, just with a little adjustment.

It’s up to you if you want to share the news that you now wear a brace. However, many patients have found it easier to deal with when they can talk about it with their friends, family or colleagues.

It’s important to not put any part of the brace into water.

You can wash the outside of the brace with a washcloth and mild soap. Rinse with a washcloth and clean water and wipe dry.

Keep your brace clean on the inside by wiping the inside of the brace regularly with isopropyl alcohol wipes.

You can read more in our patient wear and care guide.

To work towards giving your brace the greatest chance of achieving your treatment goals, it’s important that you:

  • Wear the brace each day for the full amount of time your clinician recommends.
  • Take good care of your skin regularly.
  • Wear a clean, soft shirt or bodysock under your brace at all times.
  • Put on, and wear the brace,  as instructed by your clinician.
  • Attend all  scheduled appointments with your scoliosis clinician.
  • If you also have a specific exercise rehabiliation program, ensuring that you complete the exercises daily with good quality and execution
  • Communicate any issues about brace wear with your Clinician, before there is a decline in how long you are wearing the brace

If you do deviate from your plan one day, simply try to get back on schedule.

Stay positive and do your best.

Talk with your clinician if you’re having a hard time achieving the prescribed hours of wear.

Bracing treatment can vary from patient to patient.

Your clinician will discuss the general treatment length with you during the initial appointment.

If you would like to wear the brace over your clothes, please feel free!

We do recommend though that the clothes you have under the brace aren’t too bulky.

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