Tips For Wearing a Brace to School

Ella Bourne, Chiropractor


Going to school in a ScoliBrace® can be the most daunting part about getting the brace. Below are some tips and ideas, which can help to make the transition smoother.

During the first week of having your brace, we recommend you don’t wear it to school. This allows you to build up your time in the brace, and have the ability to take it off if required, while getting accustomed to it.


Notify School and Teachers

  • This makes it easier if you have to miss any classes for appointments

  • Helps with getting regular breaks from sitting
  • Organising a safe storage space for the brace, while doing physical education.
  • Having a separate changing space, if required.


Clothes and School Uniform

  • You may need to go up a size, so it isn’t as tight over the brace and you feel comfortable.
  • Wearing the body sock or a soft top underneath the brace to help prevent rubbing.
  • Your school may allow you to wear the PE uniform, if they have one.



The chairs used at school can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but can make it hard when wearing a brace.

  • Have a chat with your teachers, and see if there is an alternative chair you can use.
  • Use a small pillow or soft pad underneath the buttocks when sitting to help with comfort.



  • Look at backpacks with thicker straps and more padding for comfort
  • Ensure you fit it properly, so that it sits up your back
  • If you use textbooks at school, see if it is possible to have two sets – one for school and one for home
  • If you have a school laptop, but also a home laptop/desktop, consider leaving the school laptop at school to reduce the weight of the backpack


Extra Tips

  • During the hotter months, have an ice pack stored at school (in the first aid room or staff room fridge/freezer), that you can use to cool down.
  • Pack some cream in your bag, so if the brace rubs you can use it to help.


Wearing the brace to school isn’t the end of the world. The idea of the brace is more intimidating than the reality. Just remember the brace is not forever, and your time wearing it will be over before you know it!

Have fun, learn lots and “embrace the brace”. It will be worth it.

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