Travel Tips for Scoliosis Brace Wearers

Long trips can be a little difficult for brace wearers, especially if sitting for hours at a time. Here are some tips for scoliosis brace wearers that may help make travelling smooth and more comfortable. 

Plan Ahead

  • If flying, try to book a seat with plenty of legroom. Most airlines will allow you to book a seat next to the emergency exit or provide the option to pay a fee for extra leg room. This will ensure you are comfortable and the additional space can even act as storage for your brace if you decide to take it off during flight.
  • If you prefer to not wear your brace while travelling, it’s helpful to bring a cloth bag or backpack with you so that you can store it away safely. 

Take Plenty of Breaks

If you are new to your brace, it isn’t recommended that you wear it for long periods of travel time. In general, taking regular breaks will help relieve any stiffness or discomfort that may occur during travel. Make sure to;

  • Stretch regularly
  • Take plenty of walking breaks; walk the length of the plane/train. If driving, go for a walk during your planned stops.
  • It’s important to wear your brace, however if you experience discomfort ensure that you alternate between wearing it and taking it off for small periods of time.

Make Yourself Comfortable 

Bring pillows and blankets with you so that you can make a comfortable space. Most international flights will provide a pillow and blanket, so just ask staff for extras. Also don’t forget that you can adjust your seat!

Be Mindful of Your Posture

Maintain proper posture when in and out of your brace

Ask Your Clinician for a Travel Note

It is helpful to have a travel note from your clinician just stating that you are travelling with a brace. This is handy to have especially if going through airport security!

  • Always take your brace off when being checked by security, this makes things easier for you and the airport staff.
  • If you’re not wearing your brace during the flight, carry it in a large backpack, cloth bag or carry-on luggage.

Find Your Nearest Clinic

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Get a free online scoliosis check with ScoliScreen

Get a free online scoliosis check with ScoliScreen

Get a free online scoliosis check with ScoliScreen