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symptoms of scoliosis in an adult

Early treatment means better outcomes

Did you know that up to 68% of adults over 60 have degenerative scoliosis? If you have one or more of the following symptoms please contact us immediately for a review:

  • loss of standing or sitting height
  • forward lean or slump
  • lean to one side
  • back pain
  • balance issues or increase in falls

ScoliCare is a world leader in providing non-surgical scoliosis treatment. We offer free X-ray, MRI, and posture reviews or you can simply contact us for a free phone consultation at 239 513 9004.

Scoliosis can impact physical health, emotional well-being, and overall quality of life. With accurate diagnosis, treatment, and support, individuals with scoliosis can lead full and active lives. Surgery is not your only option.

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Many people believe scoliosis is a condition which affects only teenage girls. In fact, it is much more common than you might think.

Scoliosis  affects much more than the approximate 5% of the adolescent population. Significant proportions of infants and children are affected as well as up to an estimated 68% of adults over 60 years.

A noticeable change in the spine or posture may indicate the signs of a developing scoliosis. Changes like a visible curve, uneven shoulders or hips, or a prominent shoulder blade, particularly in growing children and adolescents, can all be warning signs. Signs of hunching, experiencing pain and increased falls in older adults can also be signs.

It’s important that any changes are investigated as soon as they are noticed. Don’t just ‘watch and wait’

It’s never been easier to check and detect scoliosis early by screening at home using the free ScoliScreen in browser app.

Options for those seeking conservative treatment and management for scoliosis include scoliosis specific exercise to custom bracing, with approaches able to be tailored to meet individual patient needs and goals.

It’s important to seek out a healthcare professional experienced in treating scoliosis to discuss the options available and develop a personalised treatment plan.

ScoliCare is a world leader in non-surgical treatment of scoliosis and hyperkyphosis. We provide thorough assessments and treatment options including bracing and physiotherapeutic scoliosis specific exercise programs for children, adolescents and adults. While we make every effort to use non-surgical intervention for scoliosis, we will recommend a surgeon if this is necessary.