ScoliCare offers a truly custom 3D corrective brace, KyphoBrace - for children & adults with kyphosis.

KyphoBrace: A specific brace for treating hyperkyphosis, Scheuermann’s kyphosis and poor posture.

People living with conditions like hyperkyphosis and Scheuermann’s kyphosis may have noticed changes in their posture and body appearance and they may be self-conscious about these changes. They may also have experienced some pain or discomfort. Getting a brace specifically designed to help this condition can make a big difference to their life and how they feel each day.

KyphoBrace is a type of ScoliBrace specifically designed for hyperkyphosis in adolescents and adults. It is an evidence-based, non-surgical treatment option only available through ScoliCare clinics and certified ScoliBrace Providers.

Like the ScoliBrace system, this bracing approach brings together the best technology,  evidence-based techniques and experienced clinicians to get the best possible outcome for patients.

Each KyphoBrace is custom designed and made for the patient with the latest in 3D scanning technology and computer aided design and manufacture (CAD CAM),  using a specific design algorithm and a patient-centered approach to bracing treatment. 

KyphoBrace: A specific brace for treating hyperkyphosis, Scheuermann’s kyphosis and poor posture.

Why KyphoBrace?

KyphoBrace can help patients with Scheuermann’s kyphosis, hyperkyphosis, thoracolumbar kyphosis & anterior sagittal balance. Specific indications will vary according to the patient’s individual situation.

Made with getting the best treatment results in mind, each KyphoBrace is a 3D custom designed corrective brace, made for the patient with computer aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM).

The corrective approach aims to restore a patient’s thoracic kyphosis angle to within a range that is considered normal for their age. Curve reduction is often achieved while improving the patient’s posture and overall appearance of their body.

KyphoBrace is patient friendly, opening and closing at the front making it easy to wear and remove without assistance. There are also a variety of unique colors and patterns available for patients to personalize the look of their brace.

Advanced Brace Design & Features

Made to strict protocols, every KyphoBrace is of a consistent high quality design that gets results.

How can KyphoBrace help?

KyphoBrace can be used as part of a complete approach to care for patients with kyphosis. It may assist to:

  • Not only stop progression but may also reduce the curve
  • Improve sagittal balance
  • Improve postural appearance and body cosmetics
  • Reduced pain
  • Minimize discomfort in the middle and lower back

Individual results may vary.

KyphoBrace treatment is delivered by our experienced Scoliosis clinicians who have been trained and certified in the ScoliBrace system.
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Book an appointment online at ScoliCare Naples Florida