Scoliosis Awareness Month

June 2024

Welcome to Scoliosis Awareness Month

At ScoliCare, we’re dedicated to highlighting Scoliosis Awareness Month throughout the month of June each year.

Join us in raising awareness about scoliosis, a condition that affects millions worldwide. Throughout this month, we invite you to explore and share our social media, start a conversation with someone you know about scoliosis,  read our blog articles, or download our eBook designed to better understand adult scoliosis and its impact.

Together, let’s unite in spreading knowledge, fostering support, and advocating for early detection and treatment for those who need it.

Our Key Messages

Be Curve Conscious
Be Curve Conscious

Highlights the importance of understanding scoliosis as a condition that affects individuals of all backgrounds and ages within our community. We encourage all to educate themselves and others about who can be affected, causes and available treatments for all age groups.

Know Your Curves
Know Your Curves

Emphasizes the importance of early detection in scoliosis, highlighting the critical role of family, friends, educators, and health professionals in screening and recognizing signs. We want to empower individuals with the knowledge to identify signs of scoliosis in themselves or others, encouraging proactive steps for assessment as necessary.

Scoliosis Knows no Age Limit
Scoliosis Knows no Age Limit

Scoliosis can affect adults too. It’s important to shed light on the experiences of adults living with scoliosis and emphasize the importance of early detection, and options for care to help improve quality of life.

Spine Health Matters
Spine Health Matters

Prioritizing spinal health alongside overall well-being is essential. It’s important to stay active, and cultivate healthy habits. Any changes in spines, including pain and any postural changes, should always be investigated. Regular checks of all family members can help with early detection of any spinal issues, particularly as people age.

Get Involved During June!

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Adult Scoliosis eBook

Understand Adult Scoliosis better. This eBook serves as your roadmap to better understanding scoliosis as it relates to adults.

ScoliConnect - Support Group

Join our online community encouraging patients and their families to connect, share experiences and offer emotional support.


Check for signs of scoliosis in children and adults with the free screening tool, ScoliScreen.

Scoliosis Insights Webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar, where we will delve into scoliosis and hyperkyphosis.

Downloadable eBook

Scoliosis Knows No Age Limit –
A Guide to Understanding Adult Scoliosis

Discovering you have scoliosis as an adult can be a complex and challenging experience with a range of physical and emotional factors involved. This eBook serves as your roadmap to better understanding scoliosis as it relates to adults.

Understanding Adult Scoliosis
Book an appointment online at ScoliCare Naples Florida

Book an appointment online at ScoliCare Naples Florida