FAQ's for Professionals

X-ray views for diagnosing scoliosis should be PA and Lateral full spine. For PA, include the spine from T1 to S1, the outer margin of the iliac crests (to evaluate the Risser sign), lateral rib margins (to assess rib angle alignment), both glenohumeral joints including the head of the humerus (to assess remaining growth).

For Lateral, include the spine from C7 to S1 and both femoral heads.

Health professionals who take x-rays can access our Scoliosis X-ray Standardisation Guidelines by contacting us.

The treatment recommended for scoliosis will vary with the individual patient. The individual situation, the severity and location of the curve, age, potential for further growth and potential for degenerative change will all contribute to finding the right treatment. When the curves are small and flexible, scoliosis specific rehabilitation may be the most appropriate treatment. For curves that are larger, or have a high risk of progression, an over-corrective scoliosis brace like ScoliBrace can be a very effective treatment. In adults with degenerative scoliosis a specific adult scoliosis brace to stabilize the spine is usually the most appropriate treatment. Often combining scoliosis bracing and rehabilitation leads to the best outcomes. Surgery is generally considered a treatment of last resort.

We work with health professionals in all fields to help achieve the best results for scoliosis patients. Visit our how to refer page to download your referral form. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information.

Yes! ScoliCare clinics co-manage cases with other health professionals and, where appropriate, we encourage that they continue to see their referring healthcare provider. Our team will provide advice and recommendations for care specific to the patient’s scoliosis, and we deliver those treatment services in our clinics. We can provide updates on patient progress, and support on how to offer adjunctive care within your clinic with tools such as the ScoliRoll orthotic device.

ScoliCare Clinics specialize in scoliosis treatment and management. Our Clinics provide accurate assessment, a specific scoliosis exercise rehabilitation program (ScoliBalance), and 3D custom brace (ScoliBrace) treatment options. Each patient is carefully assessed and given recommendations as to the most appropriate treatment for their individual case.

Our team also works with scoliosis surgeons where a surgical opinion is warranted, or if surgery is the most appropriate option for the patient.

Yes! Visit our online shop for assessment tools and accessories.

ScoliCare Academy is an all in one learning centre for health professionals wanting to build their knowledge about scoliosis.

To see the educational opportunities available visit: www.scolicare.com/academy/.

ScoliCare Academy

Understanding scoliosis and getting the best results for patients starts with advanced education. ScoliCare has a range of online courses covering the basics of scoliosis, up to how to manage complex cases in your own clinic.