Scoliosis is a complex condition and often doesn't respond to manual therapies alone. Progressive or degenerative cases can worsen rapidly without the right care. ScoliCare provides free case reviews and second opinions for health professionals who need advice on the best treatment options for their scoliosis and kyphosis patients.

Case Co-management

ScoliCare works closely with Health Professionals in all fields including Chiropractors,Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, GPs and Surgeons. Our aim is to offer our experience and expertise in treating scoliosis and kyphosis cases to assist other healthcare providers in getting the best results for their patients.

ScoliCare has managed and co-managed thousands of scoliosis cases, and we believe a team approach to care can often lead to the best patient outcomes. If you are a health professional needing advice on a case, or just have questions about chance of progression or suitable treatment options, contact us on 1300 883 884 or send x-rays and case information via our Free X-ray Review service.

To directly refer a patient to our clinic, please fill out the Health Professional Referral form below.

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ScoliCare welcomes referrals from other health professionals to co-manage patients with scoliosis, kyphosis, and related spinal conditions. 

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ScoliBalance is ScoliCare's physiotherapeutic scoliosis exercise program (PSSE). If you are interested in training as a ScoliBalance Provider, click here.
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