Bracing has been used as an early intervention treatment for scoliosis for decades. There are many types of scoliosis braces ranging from soft dynamic braces, to rigid over-corrective braces.

Traditional TLSO

Most braces designed and fitted in hospitals are TLSOs. TLSO stands for Thoraco-Lumbar-Sacral-Orthosis and is the generic descriptive name for the common thermoplastic hard braces used in the treatment of scoliosis. There are many of variations of TLSO braces available.

After years of research into the effect of Mirror Image rehabilitation procedures on scoliosis, 3D designed and manufactured braces have been developed in certain parts of the world. This approach takes into consideration the postural alignment of the patient and the scoliosis deformity in 3 dimensions. Based on this 3D assessment computer assisted design and manufacture are used to produce a brace that attempts to correct the patients postural and spinal deformity in all 3 planes.

Dynamic bracing

Dynamic bracing is a treatment option that utilises a soft, dynamic brace as part of an overall treatment approach. This approach is based on the fact that when
a scoliosis develops it does so in a particular pattern and this pattern has a 3 dimensional effect on the body shape and posture. By reversing the abnormal posture and body shape into their opposite position the body and posture correct the abnormal alignment of the spine. For each type of scoliosis a specific corrective movement of the body shape and posture is used. This corrective movement is achieved by using the dynamic brace.

Shaping the future of bracing™

3D Scanning technology and completely custom spinal braces at your fingertips. BraceScan is easy to use 3D technology for your iPad taking high quality 3D full body scans quickly and easily. BraceScan allows you to attach history, x-rays, and posture photographs quickly and easily while the In-app Ordering feature allows you to customize the style and color of the brace before submitting your order.

  • Structure sensor
  • 3D scanning
  • Supporting data
  • In-app ordering
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