ScoliCare Raises Over $1100 for Beyond Blue

ScoliCare recently ran two webinars for healthcare professionals called: 3 Pillars of Scoliosis Case Care Management. Proceeds went to the charity, Beyond Blue. 

We’re proud to announce that together, we raised over $1100 for Beyond Blue.

Your donations will help Beyond Blue continue to work towards achieving an Australian community that understands anxiety, depression and suicide. They work hard every day to make sure people across Australia have access to the support they need when they need it, wherever they are on their mental health journey. Beyond Blue has a 24/7 Support Service of trained mental health professionals that helps thousands of Australians each year with immediate counseling, advice, and referral.


Beyond Blue





The demand for the Support Service has grown significantly since the beginning of the pandemic and with donations from dedicated supporters such as you, they can ensure to answer every phone call, email, and chat.

To learn more about Beyond Blue or to support them further, visit them at

Thank you to all that donated. We hope you enjoyed the webinar.

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