Scoliosis Red Flags and how to spot them – Dr Nick Gentile

Dr Nick Gentile spent the first 9 years of his professional career working as a Chiropractor in private practice. During that time he developed a keen interest in working with athletes and in particular the biomechanics of the human body and spine. Nick also spent years working with Elevate Education, travelling around the country teaching High School students how to improve their study skills. With this ideal background in function, form, and education, Nick is a valuable addition to the ScoliCare team and to the speaker line up at the ScoliCare Symposium.

 Given the developmental and progressive nature of scoliosis, giving families the tools to be able to monitor their children in the crucial age groups is something that is of the utmost importance. This is especially so for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. Nick will be speaking at the Scolicare Symposium about thorough, efficient, and simple way to identify the early signs of a developing scoliosis or a Hyperkyphosis. In addition, he will demonstrate how to keep track of your child’s progression as well as highlight the crucial age windows where a rapid spinal change is likely to occur. This is a key resources not only for families, but also for practitioners to add to their new scoliosis patient consults, particularly when assessing children in the most critical growth stages.

Given there is sometimes a link between scoliosis and other underlying issues, Nick will also be covering “Red Flags” to look for when assessing scoliosis, what they mean, and what to do once you see them. This information alone makes the Scolicare Symposium something that practitioners should not miss! And of course, this year, you can enjoy the entire event from your home.

The Scolicare Symposium is the 21st of November starting from 12pm AEDT, registrations are now open, and you can save $100 with the Early Bird Special.


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