Above and Beyond Custom Bracing

“Having my painting used for a custom brace is one of the most unusual requests I have ever received. I am honoured to have my art offered as a choice for a brace design”.

– Valerie Blauvelt, Artist

Custom bracing is what ScoliCare is known for but we had an extra special request from one of our patients.

Valerie Blauvelt is a contemporary American artist who lives and works both in Naples, Florida and Canandaigua, New York. Our patient has specially requested the artist’s original artwork titled: Free Spirit.

Sometimes custom designs can be tricky due to the shapes of the braces, the colourful abstract painting fits perfectly, so we had to say yes! In fact, we love the artwork so much, we have now included this as an ongoing brace design, available to anyone needing a ScoliBrace. We believe this will be a very popular choice among scoliosis patients who are looking to give their brace a creative flair.

Although surprised her art was wanted for scoliosis bracing, Valerie Blauvelt was honoured for her original artwork to be chosen and that her art may help improve a patient’s experience.

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