Kurt Cobain and Scoliosis

Kurt Cobain and his Scoliosis

Part of our series of famous people who have/had a Scoliosis. Next up is Kurt Cobain!
Kurt Cobain is best known as the lead singer of grunge band Nirvana. Diagnosed with a curve in his teenage years, he spoke of his scoliosis as inspiration for his music:
“I have scoliosis. I had minor scoliosis in junior high, and since I’ve been playing guitar ever since, the weight of the guitar has made my back grow in this curvature. [scoliosis] gives me a back pain all the time. That really adds to the pain in our music.”
While the weight of the guitar almost certainly didn’t cause his Scoliosis, it may have aggravated the condition and contributed to the pain he was feeling as a result.


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